Soul’s Little Lie 2: Broken Roses summary

This might be a work in progress summary bit, not sure yet, but I’m sharing it with my future fans now.

Here you go –

Davon Tucker’s life has been turned upside down. Local reporter, Leah Jones, finds Davon in his hotel room in his worst nightmare – covered in his own blood going down the drain. His mind is haunted by his worst fear, but he is not sure if it is true or not. The only way to get himself out of these mental hauntings is to check himself into Strong Waters Rehab Center in upstate New York, however, his older sister Amy seems to have plans of her own. Amongst the old mansion turned rehab center, a dark history begins to surface as Davon and Leah dig deeper into the bowels of the old foundation. A haunting voice soon awakens the worst in Davon’s mind – ‘Don’t return to the dreaming’, it says, but how can Davon keep himself from dreaming while the nightmares around him are very much awake and moving all around the grounds?

Author: mythian101

Graduate of the Art Instruction School from 2000-2002. Concept artist and writer.

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