Query Letter for Soul’s Little Lie

As of late last night, about 11pm, I officially finished writing the third book in the series of Soul’s Little Lie. I’m having to put this all together as one whole book since the first manuscript is less than 70k words and the publishing house does not accept anything less than 80k words. This means, putting it all together in one massive book will have to do. Later, all three can be set up into their respectable publications, but until then, this will have to do.

Below is the query letter I’ve sent out. It’s much better than the one from two years ago.


Soul’s Little Lie, a high fantasy with a touch of supernatural, is a story not for the fait at heart when opening the door to forbidden dreams of the past.

Stepping into, what could have been, is more dangerous than not knowing the truth. Men feel pain as much as anyone else. Your echoing cries have been heard. Love is waiting for you.

Ambros Hayemore has a massive task at hand – clean up the power hungry mess his father Lord Ynycornus started. A game of power through the lost magic of necromancy of stealing and using an other’s soul is forbidden for a reason. What is worse, is what damage could Ambros Hayemore have caused by going back in time through consciousness of dreams and thoughts? Doors that should have never been opened have lead all involved into a tangled web of the soul’s little lie of haunted pain from the past and a future most uncertain.

The beginning of his quest is to find the Five Lords of the human lives they once lived. To do this, the Geraci mansion in Lowell, Massachusetts must be purchased and refurbished to be used as a beacon for the Five Lords to find their way home. Appointing Frankie Bellington to take possession of the mansion, he is thwarted with troubles ahead. FBI Agent Jacob Umari is lost in the dreaming while in coma at Strong Waters Rehab Center. Brandon Elwood is self medicating by having an affair to get away from his abusive wife. Davon Tucker is drawn to the mansion and by doing so, hides inside himself to the trauma he endured from his sister. David Geraci, the last owner of the mansion a hundred and seven years ago, his soul afterlife is hijacked by Lord Ynycornus to use to his advantage to ensnare Vivian Warren to force her to reincarnate to Mythia as Princess Ira, Ambros’ mother, so he can take the throne.

Observing your publications for years, I have come to enjoy the books your company produces with the authors you have found. Currently, I am reading Patrick Rothfuss’ The Wise Man’s Fear. I had been previously published for a short time having learned many lessons along the way. It was an experience I will never forget.

Soul’s Little Lie is a three part book of a word count at 265,856 with 87 chapters and 783 pages.

Author: mythian101

Graduate of the Art Instruction School from 2000-2002. Concept artist and writer.

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