Comfy Locations Are A Must…

Having written two novels, first original manuscript is being completely reworked now, I have found that comfortable locations to set down to work is important. I’m not just saying a place where it is most covenant – I’m saying it’s best to find multiple locations whenever possible.

You’ll have your typical locations where your desktop or laptop are located: living room, bedroom, din, or kitchen table. Those are all common places that are good to work at as long as it’s quiet and you get no disturbances. (‘Disturbances’ is for a new blog sometime) I’m talking about the uncommon locations. My current ‘uncommon’ location I’m typing right this very second and have been for the past two hours is reclining on my Liberator brand Esse chair. The chair is located in my studio/bedroom semi-apartment where I’m currently living with my elderly parents. This chair is black, velvety soft and curved to the contour of your back and legs. Plenty of pillows to support my head and neck. Price tag: $499.99 purchased at any adult sex toy shop online or in person. Comes in many different colors and a larger size, too.

Why this chair, you ask? Well, it’s comfortable for me. It’s away from my main location – my art studio desk and terrible gray; old fabric office chair. I knew I should have gone with my Dad to get a free, new office chair last month. The real, logical reason to change my location where I type is simple: the feeling, the energy to continue said scene was stagnate and unmoving with emotion. I had to find a place to feel comfortable mentally. It’s what painters do to find that right place of inspiration while they paint or draw. Same applies with writers.

Sometimes I’ll type on my bed, but that isn’t very comfortable simply because it’s where I sleep. While I typed “Soul’s Little Lie” book one, I did lay on another bed from time to time when I was married. The reason – the energy was there at that time. I even typed parts of it sitting in my childhood 1930s wood oak desk in the living room of the apartment. (since then I gave the desk away and I think I should not have, oh well.) However, trying to type in the ragged; falling apart recliner that was my ex-husband’s, didn’t fair well in energy. It smelled and was dusty. It was comfortable for a few minutes, but not for long. Then I’d find myself back in the queen size bed typing away a few more pages.

Another location I tried and I don’t recommend this for everyone, was at a cafe called Zippy’s. The atmosphere was inviting. Charming with little nick-nacks of bikes hung on the wall. Pictures of Zippy the dog. Local artists finished canvas paintings up for sale. The coffee was good. The black bean, cheese, spinach quesadilla with hummus was fantastic! However, it was noisy but not too much. I plugged in my IPod ear buds and turned on my ITunes collection. No matter how much music I drowned out of the background noise it didn’t work. I had barely typed one full sentence before I realized there were too many people around. My eyes kept getting distracted with movement around me. I would sense the presence of someone about to get up from their table or chair, or even the couch. (They had great couches there with plenty of pillows) Zippy, the male black spotted; white coat dalmatian, was walking around checking out all the customers and even came to see me. I realized this was not working. Ate my tasty, homemade quesadilla, packed up my laptop and headed home.

The basis of a comfortable location for any writer of any level is this: when the energy strikes pulling you to a part of your house or apartment or even a location in your school, listen to your instincts. The proper location can make or break the time you take to write a new story, article or full novel. Yes, by all means write anywhere when the mood strikes and always bring a notebook and pen with you just in case ideas start flowing. Not all of us have those fancy IPhones or IPads or other tablet devices.

Just like location is everything for a new store to take root, this same principle applies to writing – location, location, location. Find a place comfortable that feels just right for that special energy that will propel you forward into your next best work. When that ‘typing location’ goes stale, pick up your butt and your work and move to a new location. The same applies with finding just the right place for a picnic or a perfect tree to lean against to read a good book.


Writer’s Block a sad, lonely experince

I have 5 new novels in my mind. As an enjoyment or past time, I come up with titles as the basic story forms in my mind. I then type down the title and make a new computer file. Well, then, all goes quiet…for awhile.

The writer’s block than hits, hard. I get distracted with internet goofiness. I start feeling depressed. I start making mental excuses, but I know typing up the first few paragraphs is how you start running. You don’t just sprint out there suddenly expecting to keep your breath as you zoom past the other ‘thoughts’. You have to start out slow, jog a bit to keep your pace. But then you see the other thoughts catching up towards you and you begin to panic. You then see the pretty colors and sounds that distract you from the work ahead. You feel bogged down but with a false sense of glee. Then the procrastination hits. You look to the distance and you see the ‘runners’ (your other thoughts) disappear into the dust. You sigh heavily and go back to your distraction instead.

Then, suddenly, you glance over. You see the thoughts that ran past you, are now behind you! You gather your supplies. Your fingers hit the keyboard to open the file. You read what you wrote and then you start from where you left off. Now you are off and running. You realize you are on your way. You don’t look back at the ‘thoughts’ trying to catch you. You focus…you type…Oh My GOD…the story is getting good! You can’t stop. You’ve made one lap around the track! You’ve made a second lap! Then…the writer’s block starts all over again cause the lagging behind ‘thoughts’ waited for you at the starting line. They pounce on you like a dog pile. You think it’s over. You sircome to the heaviness of the cycle all over again.

This is how it is for me. Over and over again, but I’ve caught onto this odd behavior. This is how it ‘happens’ to me –

1) Story pops into my mind

2) Title pops into my mind

3) Write title down by making new file folder on laptop

4) Take a few days to a month away to ‘cure’ the meat of the new story

5) Do research online, in personal library and from real life bits

6) Write a few paragraphs

7) Get online, watch YouTube videos for a few days to a week

8) Go to my day job, new story festers in my mind, but I can’t write it down until I’m on break (ARGGGHHH!!!)

9) Come home, look through new written notes, add them to current computer file notes

10) Start cycle all over again


Here are the titles of future works I’m working on. They are in order of how they come to be in  my  mind.

(The ** are those I have written a little into already)

Mythia (hahahaha…finished first draft 370 pages, nearly 200k word count, but it’s crap, really it is)

Soul’s Little Lie (edited all 5 drafts myself, but waiting for editing from professional)

Broken Roses **

Dreams of Lotus

Metal Staircase

The Island **

$300 Shoes

Eastener **

Devil’s Play

To Love Thy Inner God

Darker Side of Fandom

I Am Haunted

Goodnight, Mother **


So, as you can see I have a lot on my plate. There are so many stories to choose from I don’t know where to start first. To help me sort out the chaos I’ve made a list for myself on my days off from regular work and for when I come home from regular job.

1)Write one chapter or 5 pages of any new novel

2) Transfer a sketch to finished paper

3) Read a chapter or more of the books you already bought

4) Take a 15 minute break every two hours of working


This is going to be new for me to kick my weary self into working on my novels. I need to discipline myself to get what I want out of my life. No more mopping around in emoland. No more waiting for it to the work for me! Time to kick my own ass into gear if I want these books to be in full form in my hands and in my personal library and most of all, to share with the world!

I hope my tips helped you out. If lists like this are already used in my day job, why can’t they work for me in my future publications? These lists are not bogging me down. They are to lift me up so I can have fun at what I love to do – Tell stories of the craziness in my mind!

Take care!


Just a little something…

I had been looking at for a few months now. A friend of mine hooked me up with the author Eden Glenn

I then struck up a conversation about my novel series that I wanted published. Well, she told her publisher Rebel Ink Press and I sent in my manuscript. The ball is rolling right now. This is why I finally created my website.

A little about myself: Graduate of the Art Instruction School. My day job is Michaels Craft Store in the frame department. In my down time I continue to write my series of novels and on breaks I watch YouTube. I go to movies all the time with friends and take walks around town.